Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Woeful Second World War!

In the gruesome Horrible Histories series a war has come to take place...
This is the Woeful Second World War!

This book is filled with not just facts...

...but gory facts!

I wonder if it could get any better?
  •  First the cover(that was funny):
  • Three look at the time line-my favourite; second world war! 
THIS CONTAINS:Grandpa stealer's, war traitors,QUICK QUIZ'S , monkey eaters and more!

That's what a the book should be really about...
...to rate it I would give it 9/10 because i couldn't stop reading it!

Lets see what you think eh? http://horrible-histories.co.uk/books/4547/

Tanks a lot !, Morris over and out!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Big Bang Theory

Will background radiation from the Big Bang ever run out? This is one of the questions Indigo and Dylan discuss in their Big Bang Theory discussion.

If you look at Dylan's You Tube account, there are other short films like this to enjoy. Including a longer piece on the Big Bang and how it happened.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

My First Book Review! 'The Ranger's Apprentice!'

This is the book I'll review today: THE RANGER'S APPRENTICE, BOOKS I & II by John Flanagan.

See this on Amazon UK.

Oi guys! Don't go to sleep! I know you're thinking "Can you do it? it's your first review!" Well maybe you're thinking, "Get on with it!" so okay I'll do it...

Here I go:

Will is:

a nearly 15 year old boy

who is an orphan

his mother died in child birth

his father died a hero

Hoping to become a knight, but being an orphan, Will is under the Lord Baron's control while he trains. His wish is to become an apprentice to one of the Craftmasters when he reaches the age of fifteen.

But when the big day comes, the seven Craftmasters reject him because of his lack of height. Sad and worried about his future, for he can only become a villager by gaining an apprenticeship, Will notices Halt the Ranger giving the Baron letters. Will guesses those letters might be about HIM!

But those letters are just the start to this action-packed story that leads Will to his destiny ...

My favourite bits of this book were the descriptions of special battle skills and equipment, bows and arrows etc. I would recommend it to people who dream of becoming great archers, perhaps doing archery in the Olympics. Will is a great hero, the book has a punch-in-the-face storyline, and I enjoyed most of all the good but tragic ending to this 2in1 book.

My rating would be 9/10.

I liked it, and it would make sense if you liked the book to! This volume has two books in one, so it's good value too.

The author, John Flanagan, has a website for The Ranger's Apprentice.


Thursday, 3 January 2013


Hi guys! This is Dylan Here!
Sorry for the long gap, but things have come up (leaks, visits from our big sister Katy and meeting our nephew Kieran) meaning we could not have blogged as much as we would.

Mum said I should blog about my dream, so here goes:

It was about zombies.
A man locked his wife up because she was a zombie. He fed her random people from the street. One day, he kidnapped a girl. She tried to run from the zombies but failed. So instead she ran to a window and drew a face which probably meant,"Help! Get me outa here!". A man and his dog spotted it while there were riding on their flying bicycle( With an open cargo platform beneath big enough to fit a car in) and went to the rescue. They failed. While they rode home, a car drove through the window and landed on the cargo platform. Out (of the car, not the window) jumped the non-bitten girl and she shouted "I'm free!".
The Dream Ended.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. We WILL blog more frequently in later months, or my name is't Dylan.
Dylan(or is it) and the DMI.

Dyl out.