Thursday, 3 January 2013


Hi guys! This is Dylan Here!
Sorry for the long gap, but things have come up (leaks, visits from our big sister Katy and meeting our nephew Kieran) meaning we could not have blogged as much as we would.

Mum said I should blog about my dream, so here goes:

It was about zombies.
A man locked his wife up because she was a zombie. He fed her random people from the street. One day, he kidnapped a girl. She tried to run from the zombies but failed. So instead she ran to a window and drew a face which probably meant,"Help! Get me outa here!". A man and his dog spotted it while there were riding on their flying bicycle( With an open cargo platform beneath big enough to fit a car in) and went to the rescue. They failed. While they rode home, a car drove through the window and landed on the cargo platform. Out (of the car, not the window) jumped the non-bitten girl and she shouted "I'm free!".
The Dream Ended.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. We WILL blog more frequently in later months, or my name is't Dylan.
Dylan(or is it) and the DMI.

Dyl out.

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