Sunday, 29 April 2012

left4dead with daddy ! :) starring mobi! :)

Hey guys its Fred ! Well no, it isn't Fred, but we have been doing fun things that may be better than Fred’s activites !  Because we have been left4dead with daddy !dun dun duuuuuu! but dont worry because we did cool things like :
  • Get a new NERF gun: the nite finder ex-3
  • Mum visited twice #1 to see if everyone was okay and no brains were eaten. #2 : to wash her clothes
  •  Walked the the dog down to a  ford
  • Made a roman forum (not painted yet)
  • Bought 36 Nerf bullets
  • Did Maths and English, I also did handwriting while Indi & Dilly did Latin.
  •  Read a whole “Horrible Histories” book
  • And today we are going to some more fun stuff !

Our strange cool wibbily wobily ,timey wimey hobbies so far in Cornwall:

Indi has a few new hobbies, like youtube drawings of puppies, kittens parrots etc. DIY - while making our Roman forum  and she is saving up pocketmoney to get a Mavrick (nerf gun). Dilly is now obsessed with drawing, especially (psssst... did you notice that everthing indi likes he likes!) just this week he started a hobby on Nerf and earlier he had a hobby of Youtube videos.
I’m now super obsessed with NERF ! Youtube vids , Roblox and our puppy Daisy who has grown very fast since we got her!
Glossary of words:
nite finder ex-3 : A special nerf gun with three foam whistle darts which whistle when projected into the air, a dart holder which  holds two bullets at a time and a very cool laser beam targeting light.
NERF : NERF is a cool gun/toy company  which makes nerf guns at the moment. There are two tipes of Nerf  guns; the Nerf Vortex and the Nerf Strike. Nerf Strike fires cylindar black/orange foam bullets which  have either sticky on top or not-sticky heads. The Nerf Vortex Guns, which I do not recommend, fire green round hard bullets.
Ford : a Ford is a type of river crossing - there is one super duper one near our house.
forum : the Roman centre of town which includes the market, baths ,the offices  and more.
bye ningas,monsters, ladies ,zombies, gentleme – I’m off then, see ya later ! Mobixxx ! :)

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