Sunday, 29 April 2012

Dylan's Week

Hey guys!
Thanks for the amazing comments! We were really happy that you made soooo many comments!
Now, back to business. Over the past week we have been doing some school (which, by the way, is very fun!) including some Latin and some maths.
Over a few days of the week, we were looking at different math tasks. They were:
  • Capacity
  • Weight
  • Times tables test (I didn’t have enough time, though every single answer I did was correct)

We also got to mix some art and Latin (Latin is rather hard) to come up with one answer: “Let’s make the forum”.
A forum is basically a town centre. You go there to worship gods at temples, to buy stuff at either permanent or temporary stalls, to have a bath at the local baths or buy cloth at the guildhall of the cloth trade.
Today we are going to paint the forum.
Oh, and Morris is now obsessed with Nerf guns, I am obsessed with drawing (anyone else who’s the same can go to the YouTube channel of Mark Crilley, creator of graphic novel series Miki Falls and graphic novel Brody’s Ghost Indigo is also obsessed with our new puppy, daisy (Who has grown a lot!).
 Have a happy weekend!
 From the three little kids and the big bad dad!!

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