Saturday, 14 April 2012

Indigo's book FREE today on Amazon!

Indigo's collection of adventure stories about a crazy Tudor dog is ABSOLUTELY FREE all today and tomorrow on Amazon Kindle.

You can download Indigo's story onto a Kindle device, or even onto a computer or other device if you have Kindle for PC/Mac or iPhone loaded onto it.

The free promotion only lasts for this weekend of 14th and 15th April 2012, so grab it as soon as you can on "How Potatoes Saved the Queen" by Indigo Haynes. 

It's also available FREE in the States today and tomorrow on Indigo's page at
From: Potatoes and the Wolves
In the centre of old London town, Potatoes was watching some bear-baiting with Sir Walter Raleigh and the queen.
As he sat watching, he felt a bit different, like someone he loved was hurt. But the only people he loved were the queen, Sir Walter Raleigh, and his mother.
Sir Walter Raleigh was smiling, so Potatoes looked closely at the queen and Kitty her cat. Was one of them hurt? They didn’t seem to be.
Confused, Potatoes walked home after the bear-baiting to check on his mother. It was getting dark. He was nearly home when he heard a strange rustling sound behind him and ran inside the bushes to hide.
Suddenly the rustling stopped and a horrible growling began.
Potatoes trembled with fear. Normally it took more than a noise to scare him, but this was different, he had never heard anything like it before.
The growling grew louder and louder ...
To read the rest of this exciting Tudor story for kids, you can download it FREE this weekend on Amazon.

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