Friday, 23 March 2012

THE AUCTION by mobi.

One giant black bear, one Indigo and one Dylan - plus rabbit hutch! The bear cost £14 and we got this big double hutch for only £50.

We all went to an Auction on the 21st of March 2012 in a town called Lostwithiel!

If you were wondering what an auction is, an auction is a place where you bid the highest amount for an item. The Auctioneer calls out the number of the item. You know which number you want because each item in the auction room is labelled with a number.

When the Auctioneer calls out the number of the item you want to buy, you hold a card up or nod your head to bid a higher amount than anyone else - quite easy really! (Unless someone else bids higher and higher than you!)

If you can afford to bid the highest, you buy it and once you have done that, you pay your bill, and you can then bring it home with you. If you want, you can bring your items home with you the next day.

Our new kitchen table and chairs from the auction!
What we brought home from the AUCTION :

  • A giant black bear with a red ribboned tie.
  • A kichen table with six chairs.
  • The receipt !
  • A brown carved bookcase.
  • A rabbit hutch.

Why? Because we needed these things for the future. (Yes, we want to have rabbits!)

One really unusual thing I saw at the auction was a stuffed HAWK on a stick in a box !

Mum thought I could be an Auctioneer one day. Mmm ...

mobi xxx :-)

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