Tuesday, 13 March 2012

On the Move

Starved for days without school lunches, Indi finally tucks into a stuffed horse
Dear all friends

Thank you for commenting on our blog! We miss you all and hope to hear more from you!

Even though we wish you to keep commenting on our blog, we may not have internet access for a few days as we're moving house tomorrow and it could take time to get internet access at our new house.

Besides, our dad is about to pack away the computers, ready for the removal van! ARGH .... !!!

 All our wishes,

 Dylan, Morris, Indigo xxx


Aidan Williams said...

Hope your new house is cool!miss you loads aidan.

dylanmachine said...


Dulcie said...

Hiya!! Bless her!! She is so cute! Missin u all!! ;) x

Holly💐🐟 said...

Hi Morris hope your having fun