Monday, 19 March 2012

Tate: St Ives!

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We went to the Tate art gallery in St Ives yesterday for Mothers' Day. We did lots of activities including:

Apse room: Super Sunday heroes, where we drew pictures of our "heroes" - people who inspire us - and displayed them on yellow card. Mobi chose Doctor Who, Indigo chose Trixie - our next door neighbour's dog - and I chose Mr McKee (blush - no one tell him) to put on my pic.

Upper Gallery 2: People Pots, where we went potty and made some pots to remind us of people. Please look at the Photographs below.
Mo did a random person (Mario), I did grandma Haynes (Cookies and fizzy orange)....

And indie did mum "Why is mum like a teapot?"

"Because she's always fuming!!"

Gallery 1: La Flor, where we made some beautiful Mexican flowers.

We also saw some stuff which included:

A fake cello being played by x-ray hands.
A very disturbing artist's sculpture of what we think was meant to be the sculptor Barbara Hepworth with a hole through her middle ( No child - No womb - her children are her sculptures, take stuff out of her to make stuff).
And loads more!

Thanks again!! Bye!!!

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