Tuesday, 20 March 2012

We're being Home Schooled!

Mum and Dad have decided that we should be home-schooled until the new school year starts in September, so we are now officially Home Schoolers again!!

Here is our first display board, showing our research on birds:

Our Home School Display Board!
Morris chose to research Puffins.
FACTOID! Puffins are 30 cm long.

Indigo chose the Robin Redbreast.
FACTOID! The Robin's call is a 'tic' sound.

Dylan chose the Blackbird.
FACTOID! The Blackbird's call sounds like this: ''chack-aack-aack-aak''.

More soon on our Crazy Greek Urn Caper! and learning to Talk Like A Roman!!


Abbey Marsh said...

Wowza how cool home schooling! Do u still get given homework?? Cool facts too!!!!

dylanmachine said...

No we do not get homework because homeschool is work you do at home. so homeschool is basicaly homework.